Are you looking for cutting-edge radio shows for your station to win more listeners?

At ON AIR RADIO we pride ourselves on offering high-quality content with a professional delivery system that delivers shows on time, every time.

We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly shows that all come with 1 personal ident for your station by the artist. Each show is delivered in 320 MP3 formats with a bio, artwork and track listing where possible.

We deliver a download link to you for the show as they become available. Depending on which artists you have chosen that’s either a Monday or Friday delivery.

The ident that artists do could be a voice pop for your station or an intro advert for the artists show that can be played throughout the week to promote their show. It's really up to you on what you would like to receive.

What we need in return for content:

The entire syndication service to our partnering stations (YOU) is completely FREE. All we ask is that you stick to the following guidelines.

Without sounding like a needy partner, we're going to need some commitment from you as well as some regular updates on your progress.

For us, there is nothing worse than a radio station taking content and then never hearing from them again. Our artists want stats and feedback, so you have to be able to deliver that.

We also need you to connect and socially share our radio shows with your fans. If you tag in the artists when posting online they will be able to share your social posts on their branded channels too. This is a great help to build fans and get more listeners for both parties.

As a bonus, many of our artists are happy to offer merchandise and free tickets to gigs if their playing in your local area. So we like to make sure you guys can support this kind of give away option on your station and push it for them leading up to the show.

If you feel like you can 'commit' to us then let's take this relationship to the next level.

We need you to fill out the form and let us know which shows you would like and what times you will air them.

Please don't miss any of the following questions when answering. We need to know everything in order to accept your station onto our platform. We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions please email Info@on-air.co.uk