If you're looking for a syndicator for your radio show then look no further. Here at On Air, we do things differently.

Our team have devised one of the most in-depth, transparent and advance syndication services there is. With our custom built stat reports and unique station sign up process, getting you accurate digital stats for your show is no longer an issue.

We've also devised a new way to get the most from your stations that ensure more engagement socially for your platforms.

What’s the next step?

You need to decide if you can commit to a radio show and if so, how often?

If you're already producing a show then you know the score. You're either producing weekly, bi-weekly or Monthly.

The most effective frequency of a show is a weekly one but we have also had great success with bi-weekly and monthly shows, You just need to be clear what works best with your agenda and the rest is easy.

The price

We charge the same for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly shows. It’s £147 per month plus VAT with a one-off sign up fee of £85 to get you started.

We can provide production and voice overs if you need it, both of which are charged separately and can be discussed in detail when we chat further.

Have more questions?

If you fill out the box below then we can set up a short chat on skype. We will walk you through the system we use and can answer any further questions you may have.